Star Wars – Broken Allegiance (2002)

Set in the Star Wars universe, taking place a few weeks between the events in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It tells the story of two Sith apprentices, Ruan and Calis, who have escaped the Empire by fleeing Coruscant in a stolen transport. They must fight for their freedom when Darth Vader sends the vicious bounty hunter Korbain Thor to track them down. The film started pre-production in January 2001, and was shot both in studio and on locations around Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.
Broken Allegiance cost approximately A$5,000 to make, mostly spent on raw materials for sets, props, costumes, catering and equipment rental to make the film. The film was made entirely with volunteer cast and crew. Although Korbain Thor’s name invites confusion with Jedi Knight Corran Horn from the novel I, Jedi, this is a different character…even though both are adroit lightsaber combatants.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: 720p


IMDb: 6.7


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